Efficient Web Data Scraping With Grabzit's Tool – Semalt Advice

Free online web scrapers are a great way to collect information and data and arrange it in the usable format. With a proper web scraping tool, it is easy for us to collect data, merge it into new or existing databases, and use it to make your online business grow. No doubt that the best way to scrape data from web pages or PDF documents is to use GrabzIt's Web Scraper Tool!

What types of data or information can be scraped?

This awesome Web Scraper can easily scrape data from any part of a website. Whether it is a content page, HTML file, elements like span and div, HTML element attributes, text stored in the PDF document or image, you can scrape it instantly using Grabzit's program.

How does this Web Scraper work?

GrabzIt's Web Scraper can read web pages as normal users see them using web browsers that enable special Scrapers to scrape both dynamic and static HTML files. It means that the content generated with AJAX or Javascript can be scraped within seconds and without a hitch. Besides, Web Scraper can scrape the PDF files content and read JPG and PNG texts.

The Web Scraper lets us click on the buttons and links of the submit form, select the options of a site and perform other similar tasks. It allows sites to be accessed in a similar way as the normal users. Once you have chosen the elements, some Web Scrapers can ask you to create sophisticated regular expressions so that they could scrape and extract your data without a problem. You can also enable Grabzit's program to create regular expressions in the background and scrape as many files as you want.

Your data will be accessible in different formats such as Excel, XML, JSON, CSV, SQL and HTML and you will be able to use it for either the SQL or MySQL servers. You can also use its Callback URL option which lets you use the APIs and automate the entire scrape procedure. This Web Scraper comes with a great and outstanding online Wizard and automatically creates instructions that can help identify the content for scraping purposes. It means you don't need to select the content you may want to scrape manually.


A lot of websites store the same content across multiple pages, so you should use Grabzit's Web Scraper to target all the data simultaneously. This tool automatically searches the content matching your scrape directions, locates and organizes URLs from across the web. Alternatively, you can easily specify the exact web page or URL you want to get scraped or just specify the subsections of a blog or website to be crawled. It is the only tool that offers access to the online data free of cost, which means you can use this program without paying a penny.